1. Homoeopathy acts slowly!

This is only one side of the coin. Homoeopathy certainly acts fast when needed. In acute cases, when the right remedy is given at the right time and in right doses, homoeopathy acts fast, provided the patient gives the right picture of his ailment with his/her mental state. This certainly helps treat acute illness, for eg- if a patient has common cold with thirst for sips, great weakness along with restlessness, arsenic album will help to cure . In chronic and old cases it may take a time, e.g. Psoriasis. In acute attacks of asthma, homoeopathy can relive patients in few minutes but to remove the tendency / allergen/ triggering factor of asthma attack it takes time.

2. How long does treatment take?
3. Do homoeopathic medicines have side effects ?
4. Can homoeopathy and other system of medicine(Ayurveda/Allopathy) be taken together?
5. Do we have different medicines for different complaints ?
6. Can homoeopathy aggravate your problems ?
7. What are the sources from which homoeopathic medicines are prepared ?
8. How does homoeopathy work?
9. What does the homoeopath need to know?
10. How long does treatment take?
11. Homoeopathy has mere placebo effect!
12 Is Homeopathy governed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)?
13. Why Homoeopathy?
14. Is homoeopathy a new therapy?
15. Is it safe and effective?
16. My symptoms became worse when I first took the medicine. Is this usual or have I taken the wrong medicine?
17.Can I take homoeopathic medicines while using Modern Medicines drugs?
18.Do Homoeopathy medicines contain steroids?

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