About Dr. Geeta

This is a holistic healing center. Dr. Geeta is a B.H.M.S.,MD (Medicine) consulting homoeopath in pune. The primary aim of this center is giving treatment to patients to remove the disease from its roots. Only the removal of few signs & symptoms of disease living behind the cause of disease in person which either lead to progress of disease or transform disease to more harmful state.so the basic need is to treat the person who is diseased not the disease( only signs & symptoms).
Man is not a machine so that he can be treated in separate parts by different medicines for e.g. person having diabetes, hypertension,cough ,joint pain then he has to take antidiabetic, antihypertensive, antibiotic, pain killer & an antacid because all these medicines taken together will produce lots of acidity, feeling of uneasyness such is the line of treatment according to modern science.
A well selected single homoeopathic medicine will treat the whole person ( Body + Mind + vital force) not only removes the physical signs & symptoms but also brings back the original state of health both mental as well as physical i.e. restoration of health.The whole man is treated, not in separate parts so that he can gain his normal sensations & functions back again.

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