Homeopathy Treatment For Vitiligo

Recent studies conducted at the University of Toronto and published in the BioMed Central Journal of Dermatology have clearly have clearly demonstrated the benefits of orally taken Ginkgo biloba for the treatment of vitiligo. This is a known homeopathic drug that has successfully treated vitiligo. In another clinical study conducted by the AKP Homeopathic Clinical Centre, a total 259 vitiligo patients had improved out of 629 patients, and 42 leucoderma patients benefitted out of 97 patients included in the study. Thus, research has also demonstrated the effectiveness of homeopathy in a difficult condition such as vitiligo. Homeopathy Treatment For Vitiligo – Contact Us
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Homeopathy Treatment For Vitiligo

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Homeopathy Treatment for Vitiligo

At your first consultation our doctors will spend 30-45 minutes with you. The questions asked extend well beyond the immediate problem or physical symptoms, and take into account your medical history, lifestyle, and any other stress factors that might have triggered vitiligo. The information provided is vital for us to understand the root cause of your skin condition and suggest customized treatment that best suits your problem.

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Benefits of Homeopathy
  • Treatment with medicines made from
  • natural sources like plants and minerals
  • Treatment customized for every patient
  • Effectively treats the underlying cause of vitiligo
  • No dietary restrictions involved.
Our homeopaths are medically qualified and have completed a 5 ½ years degree course in homeopathy that includes medicine, surgery, gynaecology, anatomy, physiology, and psychology. We also have over 45 specialists MDs [Medicine in Homeopathy [M.D.(Hom)].

We also have homeopaths who have completed a fellowship course of 1 year in dermatology, to qualify for which one has to have at least 10 years of clinical practice.


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Dr Geeta Pawar

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Dr Sharmila Gujar

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Dr Deepali Bhosale

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