A case of Ureteric stone 11.4 mm cured with homeopathy medicine , Saved patients emergency surgery.

A cured case of Hypothyroidism with homeopathy treatment.

A Case of Bilateral Varicocele.

You can control your diabetes with homeopathy+ lifestyle changes + diet.

A case of tuberculosis completely cured with homeopathy in one year, the patient is now completely healthy.

Liver disfunction treated with homeopathy.

A case of acute Pancreatitis with mild left hydronephrosis andmultiple enlarged LYMPH nodes.

A case Hypothyriodism completely cured with homeopathy treatment. Saved patiets lifetime drug dependancy.

10.5 mm ureteric calculus resolved with homeopathy treatment, Homeopathy saved patients surgery.

6.8 mm prostatic calcification and heterogeneous echotexture of the liver completely resolved after 2 months of homeopathy treatment.

A case of large endometriotic cyst 37 x 45 x 55 mm is completely resolved with homeopathy, saved surgery of the patient.

Muscular dystrophy treated with Homeopathy

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