About Dr. Geeta

Dr Geeta Pawar  MD ( Homeo. Medicine),  is a Consulting Homeopath in Viman nagar , Pune, India. She has more than 18 yrs of experience in treating various patients with acute and chronic diseases with homeopathy treatment.
She completed her graduation from SBHMC, Aurangabad, affiliated to Maharashtra University of Health Sciences Nashik in 2003 . While doing graduation she has seen magical results in various incurable, difficult chronic diseases with homeopathy treatment. This developed lot of curiosity in her mind about this science of natural healing 

She did her Post graduation in the subject Practice of Medicine from SKHMC BEED, MS. Where she gained 3yrs experience of treating patients with various acute and chronic problems in college OPD and IPD. While doing PG she got opportunity to learn Homeopathy from well known national and international homeopaths. I t developed her confidence in prescribing classical homeopathy in various difficult incurable cases. 

Being a responsible citizen she is always part of various health care activities in the society. She is very much popular among her patients for her kind gesture, sympathetic nature and proper listening , and careing for patients. She has conducted various free health checkup camps for poor and needy people in slum,  School health checkup camps, Diet counselling for pregnant ladies in slum areas.  

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