The major important things you need to know about piles

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September 17, 2022

The major important things you need to know about piles

Due to social embarrassment, people do not prefer to talk much about piles; they do not share what they are going through or suffering. They google about home remedies or what treatment options are available if they are learned people, and for uneducated, lay people, it’s a matter of shame and embarrassment. Few of them try home remedies to manage symptoms, which worsens the condition. Few of them go to the piles specialist nobody speaks to them about the curative treatment part. These patients are directly guided to surgical treatments, maybe immediate surgery, laser, stapler, etc., and their minds are conditioned that this is the only permanent solution to my problem. Now I will be utterly alright, hush! So the most important thing is that a person facing the problem must educate himself to know the stage of their condition or whether he is a case to be treated with 1) home remedies, diet, and lifestyle modification, 2) curative treatment for permanent resolution 3) need surgery.

Piles are an external manifestation of internal disturbance; removal of piles surgically will not resolve the root cause. Chances of reoccurrence are very high if not treated for the root cause. Also, surgery comes with its own risk and complications. So it is essential to know in which stage you are. Where to consult? Are there any other treatment options available? Learn more about your problem from authentic sources and then decide wisely. If you resonate with this, please feel free to call us. Start your pile’s treatment timely before it worsens or arises in a new medical condition or emergency.
Ayurveda and Homeopathy are proven systems of medicine where permanent piles cure happens with simple natural medication. This system of medicine focus on fixing the root cause, where the problem is.

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